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Global spectrometer market size reached 300 million US dollars

Release time:2019-06-04 16:54

OFweek Instrumentation Network News Recently, some experts predict that by 2021, the global spectrometer market will reach 300 million US dollars. At the same time, the annual growth rate of 7 percent of the molecular spectrum market and 11 percent of the micro-spectrometer annual compound growth rate will be realized step by step. However, at present, most of the spectrometer market is occupied by well-known foreign brands of spectrometers, and China's national spectrometer enterprises are relatively weak.

It is reported that foreign spectrum research and development began in the 17th century, and China's domestic spectrum technology research and development started relatively late. The research on spectrum technology began in the 1970s and 1980s. In the early 1980s, China Agricultural University built a spectrometer laboratory. Breaking through the domestic spectrometer technology research, which makes China's spectroscopy technology weak, spectrometer manufacturers have insufficient R&D and innovation capabilities, and lack internationally renowned brands such as Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher, and Brooke that are competitive in the global market in the spectrum market.

Therefore, in the current situation of China's spectrometer enterprises, it is more difficult to compete with foreign spectrometers. So, how can China's spectrometer companies improve their overall strength?

First of all, the more direct method is to enhance its economic strength and R&D innovation ability by competing with domestic spectrometer companies. In the context of the same spectrometer, by competing, spectrometer companies can quickly find out the shortcomings of the enterprise and make up for it.

Second, domestic spectrometer companies must strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutions. On the one hand, you can learn from it. Compared with enterprises, domestic R&D institutions are still highly skilled in the research of spectroscopy technology. They develop new products and technologies related to spectroscopy every year. Not long ago, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed high-resolution broadband and frequency vibration spectrometers.

On the other hand, once these institutions have a need for spectrometers, it is easier to purchase equipment from the spectrometer companies they work with. Rough statistics, only from July 1 to July 14, 2017, Northeastern University, Fuzhou University, South China Agricultural University, Peking University and other five institutions of higher learning, a total of (7.4 billion yuan) to purchase Raman spectrometer, infrared Spectrometer and other analytical equipment, it can be seen that China's domestic institutions of higher learning still have certain purchasing power.

The well-known brand enterprises of international spectrometers have a relatively complete production chain and can even independently research and develop new products. This requires that China's spectrometer manufacturers strengthen their cooperation and cooperate with each other to know each other and to fight.

In addition, the introduction of high-tech talent. Not long ago, the world's smallest Raman spectrometer was born, the developer is Taiwan Chuanda, the company has an innovative R & D team, and members are younger. China's spectrometer enterprises can select outstanding graduates from the annual graduates, and gradually cultivate their own research and development team to enhance their innovation ability.

In summary, although nowadays, compared with foreign spectrometer enterprises, our domestic spectrometer manufacturers are not competitive enough in the market, but as long as they have a firm foothold in China's spectrum market and continue to strengthen their research and development, learning experience, then the future will surely In cooperation with foreign spectrometer companies, they will jointly develop rules for the spectrometer market.

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